Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! 

Sammie tries to open her eyes. All she can concentrate on is her throbbing headache. 

Good god, what happened to me? Sammie tries to reach her head, but immediately finds that her hands are tied up to her red wood bed posts. 
What the hell? Why am I tied up? Are those my new silk scarves that I picked up from Nordstrom’s the other day? Oh no, not my new ones, thought Sammie.
Sammie cares more about her scarves than the fact that she is tied up. Sammie shouts from her bedroom, “Hello? is anyone out there?" she waits for a response. There is nothing but silence. What the hell happened to me last night? Okay… Sammie starts thinking. Sammie begins to panic and yells out, “Bastard!”
Sammie jolts half way up, soon to realize that she is still tied up. He must have drugged me. Damn it! How could I let this happen? She contemplates.


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