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Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! 

Sammie tries to open her eyes. All she can concentrate on is her throbbing headache. 

Good god, what happened to me? Sammie tries to reach her head, but immediately finds that her hands are tied up to her red wood bed posts. 
What the hell? Why am I tied up? Are those my new silk scarves that I picked up from Nordstrom’s the other day? Oh no, not my new ones, thought Sammie.
Sammie cares more about her scarves than the fact that she is tied up. Sammie shouts from her bedroom, “Hello? is anyone out there?" she waits for a response. There is nothing but silence. What the hell happened to me last night? Okay… Sammie starts thinking. Sammie begins to panic and yells out, “Bastard!”
Sammie jolts half way up, soon to realize that she is still tied up. He must have drugged me. Damn it! How could I let this happen? She contemplates.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little taste of Silk

Excerpt from Chapter 4

She feels something extremely soft and silky being dragged over her breasts, caressing her nipples. She can feel the rush of blood go to her nipple instantly erect with excitement. Sammie gasps. She feels the soft silky touch trail down across her stomach to her sex pot and across her thighs.

“Open your legs.”

Sammie feels a solid object go across her breasts and following the same trail as before. She smelled leather when Aiden passes the whip across her breast. He stops at her sex pot and suddenly smacks it. Sammie feels a sting and waits for the next smack. Smack. He smacks her lips and clit. She gasps from the sting. She wants more. Smack. Sammie bolts upward begging for more. Aiden is content with his submissive. She is doing really well.

“Good girl. Now don’t say a word.”

He stopped with the smacks. Sammie feels a cold metal go across her breasts and trailing down her stomach to her lips and clit. Sammie shutters with excitement. The not knowing what it is and if it will be painful is frightful, but she instantly relaxes as she remembers what he told her. To trust him and that he would not hurt her. She trusts him.

Sammie feels cold metal being clipped to her nipples. It feels heavy as if there was some sort of weight attached to it. Aiden tugs them a bit before releasing his tug. He reaches to his desk and grabs the leather handle with leather straps attached to hit. He runs the leathery straps across her breasts, following the same trail as before. Sammie feels several little fingers on her moving over her breast and ass.

He started to rub her ass with his hand and then immediately removed it. He slapped her with the leathery straps against her ass a couple of times in a criss cross pattern. Sammie gasped out loud and bit her lip. She couldn’t hold it in. It was painful and yet so pleasurable. Her juices were flowing down her leg.

The whipping stopped and Aiden starts to rub her welts with something wet. Sammie assumes it is Aloe Vera or something to soothe the sting. That felt great, Sammie thought. Aiden moves around to face Sammie. He stares at her and is pleased with what he sees.

Aiden smacks Sammie with the leathery straps on her inner thighs giving each thigh attention. One smack after another as he sways back and forth. His rod is so hard he is ready to plunge it in her soaked inner core. He can see her juices flow down her leg. He knows she is ready.
He lashes four more whips on her directed at her breasts. Sammie lets out a gasp. Her nipples are erect and throbbing to be soothed. Sammie feels him rub the welts on her breasts with something wet. It must be the same stuff he used on my cheeks. His touch feels so good. She can stay in this moment for eternity.

“Do you want me to fuck you, I bet you do?”

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Hi everyone! If you are on Facebook, please join this new group for Authors, bloggers, and reviewers. You can share your information and post what you like. We only ask that you keep posts respectful and nice and refrain from harmful or hurtful posts.

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Congratulations to my daughter♥

Today my daughter graduates and will be a Medical Assistant. I am truly proud of her and her accomplishment. She worked hard in her studies to ensure that she reaches one of her goals and will proceed to ensure her quality of life. Her next goal is to become a Registered Nurse. I believe that she will conquer all her ambitions.

Please join me in congratulating her and to show her your support. Thank you♥.


Sunday, July 15, 2012

♥ My First Time♥

I am super excited. I just finished submitting my first erotic short story. I really enjoyed writing and I look forward in writing book 2. I still haven't decided if the first book will be a standalone or part of a series. Time will tell.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today, I am going to relax. I just wanted to share this with you all. Cross your fingers for me and wish me luck.

I have now set my characters free♥

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Interview-P.T. Macias Author of Hot & Spicy, De La Cruz Saga

We welcome P. T. Macias here and we look forward in finding out more about this new Author. Enjoy!


My name is Patricia T. Macias  and I was born in San Jose, California. I always dreamed of writing and I'm delighted to be achieving my dream. I graduated from the University of Phoenix with a dual Bachelor of Science degree. I currently live in Sacramento, California with my husband and children.  My children and grandchildren are my pride and joy. I enjoy reading romance and paranormal novels.  I also enjoy spending quality time with family and friends.

What do you want your readers to know about your book?

I want my readers to know that this book is the first one in the De La Cruz Saga. The De La Cruz Saga is a romantic thriller (with several erotic moments).

The first novel is Hot & Spicy. This novel is about Jose Enrique De La Cruz. He is the eldest of the thirteen cousins.

The saga takes place in California. Each novel is about one of cousin's unique love story. The Mexican traditions are strong in the De La Cruz family and the cousins struggle to honor their customs.

The De La Cruz family encounters conflict and threats from the Mexican cartel. The De La Cruz cousins fight to stay true to their integrity and beliefs in their struggle with the Mexican cartel. The family is assisted by the Navy Seals, FBI, and other government agencies. The De La Cruz's must overcome heartaches and obstacles before achieving their happy ending. 

These novels are written in Spanglish (very, very light Spanglish). The glossary is located in the back of the book. I believe it is an enjoyable and easy method to learn basic Spanish. 

Do you have any excerpts, blurbs, examples from your book that you would like to share?
A small blurb from my book - 

Chapter Seven 

Enrique sits at the conference table waiting for his novia to show up. I just want to be here before they do so I can take a good look at her before they realize I’m here. I have a good feeling about this. I have been endeavoring to remember Paty’s amigas from high school. I don’t recall any of them coming over to la casa. Paty is right. I never paid attention to them. I was too busy studying, going to school, y assisting on mi free time at la familia’s company. I have faith in Paty. Paty says mi novia is hermosa, smart, y muy sexy.

Paty y Jessy are laughing as they enter the conference room. Jessy steps into the cuarto first. Oh dios mio, Jose Enrique is waiting. He looks hotter than ever before. Mi corazon will not stop pounding. Mi chest, it’s going to explode. I’m going to die. I’m going to stop breathing.

Take a deep breath, stay calm. I need to be professional, sophisticated, y sexy. Yeah, right! Geez! Smile and greet him. I need to put mi portfolio on the desk and be ready for his greetings, thought Jessy. Take control. Don’t tremble y definitely do not sweat. Okay, I can do this. Smile.

Jose Enrique observes his novia enter the cuarto first. Dios mio, Wow! Gracias dios mio. It’s the bella chica that I saw at the club on Friday. I do owe Paty big, big time. Smiling, Jose Enrique approaches his novia reaching out to enfold her in a tight hug. “Hola, novia mia,” Jose Enrique said proceeding to give her a beso.

What is he doing? He is kissing me! Relax. Return his beso, thought Jessy.

Jose Enrique almost releases her when he feels her tremble y stiffens. He is about to step back and release her when he feels her relax. Dios mio, I have never felt so much attraction in a simple beso. Her lips are so soft y silky. She tastes like heaven. She’s trembling. Hmmm maybe I am scaring her. I should stop this beso. Jose Enrique feels her melting into him as she parts her lips inviting him to deepen the beso.

Jose Enrique did not stop to think. He takes full advantage softly entering her mouth to explore every sweet inch. She feels so good. She feels like she is made especially para me. Jose Enrique feels her brazos creep up around his neck. She is responding to his beso. He feels her tongue slipping slowly past his lips deepening his beso. He then hears her moan.

Jessy lost track of time y forgot all about Paty. I cannot think. Oh dios mio, I have dreamt of Jose Enrique’s besos forever. He is so hot y sexy. I always knew he would smell scrumptious. He smells like spice and sandalwood. He tastes better than I could ever image. I need to get closer to him. Jessy takes a step closer rising up on tiptoes. I need more of him, thought Jessy.

Okay, this has to stop, thought Paty. They forgot all about me y the meeting. Jose Enrique doesn’t even remember her. Great! This is getting out of hand.

……..hmmmm soo steamy...pick up a copy to enjoy the rest of this chapter♥

How did this writing process begin?

It all began with a dream. I dreamed my story over and over again. I decided to write this novel after several weeks of dreaming about all of these characters. I started brainstorming and organizing it into outlines.

I developed each character’s personalities, interests, and personal love story.

I kept on track and was able to create cohesive plots by using a calendar as a timeline.  I want to write feasible and believable stories that evolve around events that are transpiring in each cousin’s life in the same period of time.

What challenges, if any, did you encounter?
My biggest challenge has been the marketing of my novel. I’m learning and thoroughly enjoying promoting, meeting interesting people, and blogging. I truly wish I had started to write earlier in my life.

Are there any other projects that you are working on? 
The project I’m currently working on is Hot & Forbidden.

Hot & Forbidden is about two of the cousins falling in love. The forbidden is always enticing. How do Nicolas and Daniella deal with their forbidden love? Why is their love forbidden? How can they overcome the obstacles without losing their love? La familia has a secret. Can this be the key that will set their love free? Hot & Forbidden will be available in a few months.

Hot & Enchanting will be available at the end of the year or the beginning of 2013.
I also have the additional ten novels almost finished. I wrote each one as I progressed in writing Hot & Spicy. These novels interlock and evolve in the same period of time in each cousin’s life

Is there anything that you want to share with your readers about yourself? 
I want you to know that I have always dreamed of writing since I was young. I'm a new author. I love writing and I'm extremely happy to be achieving my dream.

I'm married, have three children, and three grandchildren. My family is my pride and joy. I love spending quality time with my family and friends. I love to read romance and paranormal books.

Where can readers go to find out more about you and your projects?
Twitter: @auth_PTMacias

This book is for 18+ due to erotic content.

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C Ivonne Blog

Hello, my name is C. I. Macias and I was born and raised in San Jose, California. I am the youngest of 3 siblings. 

I live in Elk Grove, California with my wonderful husband and 4 beautiful children. I thank them for their support and endless patience. 

I picked up writing during the summer and I find it to be fascinating and exhilarating. My imagination has no boundaries thus fueling my passion to write. 

Through writing I have discovered that I can push myself to be bold and own it. I truly hope you enjoy my book as there are more to come.

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New Author P.T. Macias

Please check out her sites. She is working on book two, Hot & Forbidden. This is a book series of De La Cruz Saga.

Check out her first book, Hot & Spicy. Trailer is on the site as well. Enjoy!

Youtbube: http://youtube.come/watch?v=n5p8k_pZ36A

Hot & Spicy by PT Macias-Available Now!!