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Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! 

Sammie tries to open her eyes. All she can concentrate on is her throbbing headache. 

Good god, what happened to me? Sammie tries to reach her head, but immediately finds that her hands are tied up to her red wood bed posts. 
What the hell? Why am I tied up? Are those my new silk scarves that I picked up from Nordstrom’s the other day? Oh no, not my new ones, thought Sammie.
Sammie cares more about her scarves than the fact that she is tied up. Sammie shouts from her bedroom, “Hello? is anyone out there?" she waits for a response. There is nothing but silence. What the hell happened to me last night? Okay… Sammie starts thinking. Sammie begins to panic and yells out, “Bastard!”
Sammie jolts half way up, soon to realize that she is still tied up. He must have drugged me. Damn it! How could I let this happen? She contemplates.


Saturday, August 18, 2012

A little taste of Silk

Excerpt from Chapter 4

She feels something extremely soft and silky being dragged over her breasts, caressing her nipples. She can feel the rush of blood go to her nipple instantly erect with excitement. Sammie gasps. She feels the soft silky touch trail down across her stomach to her sex pot and across her thighs.

“Open your legs.”

Sammie feels a solid object go across her breasts and following the same trail as before. She smelled leather when Aiden passes the whip across her breast. He stops at her sex pot and suddenly smacks it. Sammie feels a sting and waits for the next smack. Smack. He smacks her lips and clit. She gasps from the sting. She wants more. Smack. Sammie bolts upward begging for more. Aiden is content with his submissive. She is doing really well.

“Good girl. Now don’t say a word.”

He stopped with the smacks. Sammie feels a cold metal go across her breasts and trailing down her stomach to her lips and clit. Sammie shutters with excitement. The not knowing what it is and if it will be painful is frightful, but she instantly relaxes as she remembers what he told her. To trust him and that he would not hurt her. She trusts him.

Sammie feels cold metal being clipped to her nipples. It feels heavy as if there was some sort of weight attached to it. Aiden tugs them a bit before releasing his tug. He reaches to his desk and grabs the leather handle with leather straps attached to hit. He runs the leathery straps across her breasts, following the same trail as before. Sammie feels several little fingers on her moving over her breast and ass.

He started to rub her ass with his hand and then immediately removed it. He slapped her with the leathery straps against her ass a couple of times in a criss cross pattern. Sammie gasped out loud and bit her lip. She couldn’t hold it in. It was painful and yet so pleasurable. Her juices were flowing down her leg.

The whipping stopped and Aiden starts to rub her welts with something wet. Sammie assumes it is Aloe Vera or something to soothe the sting. That felt great, Sammie thought. Aiden moves around to face Sammie. He stares at her and is pleased with what he sees.

Aiden smacks Sammie with the leathery straps on her inner thighs giving each thigh attention. One smack after another as he sways back and forth. His rod is so hard he is ready to plunge it in her soaked inner core. He can see her juices flow down her leg. He knows she is ready.
He lashes four more whips on her directed at her breasts. Sammie lets out a gasp. Her nipples are erect and throbbing to be soothed. Sammie feels him rub the welts on her breasts with something wet. It must be the same stuff he used on my cheeks. His touch feels so good. She can stay in this moment for eternity.

“Do you want me to fuck you, I bet you do?”

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